Best beaches in Madagascar

This island in Southwest Africa, on the same latitude as Mozambique, covers 587,041 km2 and has 4,828 kilometres of coastline, a rich cultural heritage and an extraordinary diversity of flora and fauna. Its isolation from the rest of the African continent, to which it was once attached, has favoured the conservation here of many species unique in the world such as the tenrec and the lemur. 

The beaches of Madagascar are among the most highly rated in the world, thanks to their warm, transparent waters, their coral reefs and their golden and white sand. On its coasts visitors can also enjoy sightings of whales and dolphins in their habitat and do a wide range of outdoor activities and marine sports like scuba diving, snorkling, jet skiing.

The beaches you absolutely must visit are Ifaty-Manguily, Anakao, Fort Dauphin on the main island, and the paradise-like beach of Sainte Marie and the magnificent Nosy Be, on its satellite islands.